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Daily administration of Galaxis Frontier led to a notable enhancement in feed efficiency according to findings from five separate academic studies. The precise mechanism behind this efficiency improvement varied, with some instances showcasing heightened milk production while others demonstrated reduced intake. We observe that whether feed efficiency was improved by increasing milk or decreased intakes was contingent on the stage of lactation of the cows.

Further details are provided below for a comprehensive understanding.

Academic Trials

Academic Trials

Academic studies have shown that when cows are fed Galaxis Frontier on a daily basis, starting early in their lactation, they have more persistent lactation curve & are more efficient producers.

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lactation curve graph with and without galaxis frontier

milk yield

days in milk

Dairy Experts: Cows began treatment between 41-61 DIM

University of Florida: Cows began treatment between 41-97 DIM

Dairy Experts: Cows began treatment between 41-61 DIM

University of Illinois: Cows began treatment between 43-145 DIM

Michigan State University: Cows began treatment between 70-160 DIM

Cornell University: Cows began treatment between 47-160 DIM

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Click on each color or trial to get more information about effects of Galaxis Frontier on lactating dairy cows

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