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Updated: Jun 6

Dairy farmers are raving about Galaxis Frontier, a novel product that's revolutionizing the industry. But what exactly is it, and how can it benefit your herd?

Galaxis Frontier is the first and only product formulated with a specific blend of four microbes naturally found in a cow's rumen. This "consortia" of microbes helps cows to optimize digestion, resulting in more energy from any ration. Academic and commercial trials have demonstrated multiple benefits from feeding the product:

· Increase in milk yield of 4.58 lbs. averaged over 305-day lactation*

· Increase in ECM yield of 5.91 lbs. averaged over 305-day lactation*

· Increase in fat & protein yield (no change in % milk fat or % protein)

· Increase in FE (ECM/DMI) of 0.10 units averaged over 305-day lactation*

· Improved persistency over the course of full lactation

· Increase in colostrum yield by 2 to 5 lbs.

· Improved livability (20% reduction in culls in cows >60 DIM)°

· Improved health during early lactation (23% reduction in health events including milk fever, lameness, ketosis, and metritis, and 29% reduction in early culls for cows <60 DIM)°

· Decrease in methane intensity (g CH4/lb. ECM produced) by 8-11% (10-20% reductions at last time points)**

The benefits of feeding Galaxis Frontier are being seen on many commercial farms. Louis Tristao of Tri-Star Dairy Farm in Tulare stated, “We did a 26-week trial with Galaxis Frontier, and it was excellent. We saw a 3.6 lb. increase in energy corrected milk, a 0.09 pound of butter fat increase, and a 0.09 increase in feed efficiency. We expect to see a 5-7 lb. increase in energy corrected milk throughout the whole lactation, since it was only a 26-week trial.”

Cornell Kasbergen of Rancho Teresita Dairy in Tulare, CA said, “We’re a family operation that feeds about 70% Jersey and 30% Holstein. We’ve been feeding Galaxis Frontier to the whole herd for 8-months and our production is up 4 lbs. of ECM. We’re also seeing an improvement in feed efficiency, and our income-over-feed is up $0.34 per cow per day.”

Jacob de Jong of Parkview Dairy mentioned that "Galaxis Frontier has helped us stretch our feed further while maintaining milk production levels."

If you're looking to take your dairy production to the next level, it's time to look at Galaxis Frontier. But don't take our word for it. John Verwey of Johann Dairy says, "Every day you're not using Galaxis Frontier is a day you're not making as much money."

Learn more about the product and find more happy customers at

* Composite results from 5 academic studies (total 361 cows) testing Galaxis® Frontier on lactating dairy cows, assuming daily feeding for 40 weeks.

† Range of observations in 2 controlled studies (total 322 animals) that began feeding Galaxis® Frontier in the close-up.

° Composite of 7 controlled on-farm studies, representing >6,000 cows fed Galaxis® Frontier for at least 8 weeks

** Range of observations in 2 controlled studies based on GreenFeed systems from C-LockTM

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